Tuesday, July 2, 2013


It's a sweet one.  I mean that literally and figuratively.  It's summer here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so we have long, sunny days and breezy cool nights.  It's my favorite time of year here.  I'll even take the heat.  People are so cute up here throwing out heat advisories for temps above 80.  They wouldn't last 3 days in the month of May where I'm from in Tennessee.  It's a sweet one figuratively as well because I sense change. 

I'm constantly learning new things through marriage, of course.  I have a feeling the season coming upon us is one where I learn more about grace: giving and receiving.  I have no doubt this will be a theme woven throughout, but for sure I'm about to dive in.  God's been answering prayers I didn't even get out in words.  He's giving me opportunities to be used and to pour myself out, and I'm thankful.  I want to get better at saying "yes" and quicker at responding to the Spirit's promptings.  The Lord knows I'm around folks all the time that long to feel His presence.  I want to long for it the most. 

I'm also excited for new friends.  God seems to have brought some folks around me that 1. get grace, 2. are authentic, 3. are open to connecting.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I truly hope God grows and uses that friendship to encourage and grow both of us. 

I'm trying to approach my life like I feel everyone should approach their summer: take a step back, rest, look around, enjoy each moment, and recognize God there.  I am grateful for seasons.  I'm grateful for this one.

How do you feel about seasons in life?  Do you see purpose in various ones?  What have you learned in the good ones?  What have you learned in the difficult ones?  How has God revealed Himself in each?

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